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When you want a look that never goes out of style, wood fencing is a great choice. Crown Fence Co. will add value and privacy to your commercial or residential property in Wylie & Garland, TX by installing a wood fence.

You’ll love the timeless look a well-made wooden fence lends to your home. Set boundaries for your kids and pets, enjoy time away from prying eyes or have your wood fence act as an extra layer of protection at your home or office.

Our fencing contractors are known for their thoroughness and attention to detail. You’ll come away completely satisfied with your new wood fence, or our job isn’t finished!

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There are several styles of wood fence available and here are the two most common styles:

Side by Side:

This is the most common style of wood fence and is also called “butt joint.” The pickets on this style of fence are nailed with the boards “side by side.” You can expect a small amount of shrinkage of the pickets that will cause a small gap in between the pickets. This is a standard expectation with a side by side fence.

Board on board:

This is the second most common style of wood fence. The pickets on this style of fence are nailed overlapping each other so you won’t get the gaps in between the pickets like the side by side style. This is a more decorative style and is a true “privacy” fence.

The two most commonly used woods for fencing in our part of Texas are Whitewood (also call SPF or spruce, pine and fur) and Cedar.


This is the more economical of the two types of wood. With this type of wood you can expect loose knot structure, wane or bark from the outer edge of the tree as well as splits and cracks throughout the boards and they are 3 1/2" wide. This type of fence will generally last about 6-8 years, sometimes a little longer if properly maintained.


This type of wood is the preferred wood for longevity and quality. Cedar has a tight knot structure, so you don't have to worry about knot holes and doesn't have near the wane or the larger splits and cracks like the whitewood. These boards come in 4" and 6" widths. This type of fence will generally last about 20-25 years.



Also called "kick board" or "rot board", this is a 2x6 pressure treated board that runs horizontally at the bottom of the fence. Pressure treated wood is intended to be in contact with the ground and allows the pickets to be kept up off of the ground for protection from moisture decay and termites.

Cap board:

This board runs horizontally on top of the fence . It helps to provide a little more of a finished off look to the top of the fence and helps to enhance the overall look of the fence.

Double trim:

Our standard finish at the top face of the fence is a 1x4 horizontal trim board. You can add a 1x2 board to the 1x4 board to give a more corniced trim look the fence for additional aesthetic enhancement.

Retaining wall:

If you have a need to level out your yard, we can build you a horizontal 2x6 pressure treated retaining wall so that you can have soil backfilled against it. Additional support posts are set with the retaining wall to provide the necessary support for the soil that it will be retaining.